LUCKY LAND entered the top five in the rating of developments in Kyiv with the largest adjoining territory

A comfortable yard and a developed home territory are mandatory criteria on the checklist of Ukrainians looking for modern housing. A comfortable area near the house is a future space where you and your family will spend your free time: relaxing, using the services of a local business, or playing sports.

The Lun Gorod team conducted its own research and published a rating of new buildings with the largest territory. We are very pleased that LUCKY LAND eco-city was in the top five.

As a reminder, seven quarters of the residential complex LUCKY LAND are located on the territory of 28.5 hectares and form a multifunctional district in the live-work-play format. The concept implies that all life needs of residents can be realized without going outside the complex. Everything is convenient and everything is at hand.

On the territory of LUCKY LAND, the well-known Kyiv school KMDSH, kindergartens, cafes, shops, co-working spaces, beauty salons and sports studios are planned. In addition, everything you need is within walking distance from the complex - Ukraine's largest shopping center Lavina Mall, large supermarkets Novus or gourmet "Sylpo", construction hypermarket "Epicentr", where you can buy almost everything. And next to the complex is the Egersund seafood market with the best sushi. Near our LUCKY LAND eco-city, there are more than 100 hectares of forest: an ideal location for quiet rest in nature, walks and sports.