The DIM group of companies presented the updated concept of the Lucky Land residential complex

On November 16, a large-scale presentation of the updated concept of the Lucky Land residential complex took place on the territory of the "Parkovy" convention and exhibition center. For one evening, the center's exhibition hall turned into a green oasis with places to relax and socialize, which is what Lucky Land will become in the future. As part of the festive event, the DIM group of companies also presented the new positioning of the brand "Live more", which was developed in partnership with the creative agency TABASCO.

Greeted the guests of the evening with a spectacular video, presenting the mission, values ​​and new positioning of DIM "Live more », founder and managing partner of the DIM group of companies Oleksandr Nasikovskyi:

The program of the event consisted of two parts: official and festive. In the first part, there were speakers who told the guests about how the main ideas of the updated concept of the Lucky Land residential complex and the "Live More" positioning were crystallized, which the DIM group of companies is currently living and proud of: Oleksiy Revin, CEO of the DIM group of companies, Oleksandr Popov, founder and chief architect of archimatika architectural bureau and Oleksandr Smirnov, partner and creative director of creative agency TABASCO. The highlight of the festive part of the event was the performance of singer Artem Pyvovarov, who is incredibly energetic. "Today we presented the new concept of the Lucky Land residential complex, which was created in partnership with archimatika architectural bureau. We can confidently say that the project turned out to be truly unique, because we managed to combine everything and even more of what a modern person needs today for a comfortable life. Here we are talking about the architectural solutions of the buildings themselves, which are based on the urban planning paradigm of Kyiv's Khreschatyk and Independence Square, cascading floors, the diversity of buildings and the use of modern and exclusive decorative elements, and about the social component. The territory of the residential complex will be filled with a variety of infrastructure — from shops and services to cultural centers, avenues for walks, places for sports and recreation, which will be integrated into the existing landscape of the forest area. And all this will be available to all Kyivans," noted Oleksiy Revin, CEO of the DIM group of companies. The updated concept of the Lucky Land residential complex became the first large-scale example of the implementation of the "Live more" idea in new projects of the DIM group of companies. In general, it permeates all DIM complexes without exception. Every square meter of residential and public space is a combination of environmental friendliness, thoughtfulness and comfort. Moreover, it is the content of the life and work of a large team of like-minded people united by a common goal. "Live more" is a call to people who have already become happy owners of apartments in the projects of the DIM group of companies, and those who are currently looking for a new home. Do you want more fresh air, more quality water, more positive impressions and emotions? Then you come here — to residential projects, where a home is created that you want to return to, that you want to be proud of, and in which you want to live more!" - added Mr. Oleksii. Partners and friends of the DIM group of companies, potential clients and media representatives were invited to the event. Guests were treated to Singleton single-malt Scotch whiskey, the ADONIS network of medical centers, which has over 20 years of medical experience, was responsible for the safe conduct of the event, and the unforgettable atmosphere of the green oasis was created by the Ukrainian company LoraShen, which specializes in creating unique original solutions in floristry and design. Projects created by the company are always at the intersection of cultures and eras, in which beauty and original vision are always a priority.